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Reviews of Fingerprints

Kata Kiss' Fingerprints is a collection of wonderful short stories each with a twist. I found I read the collection in one sitting as I was enthralled from start to finish of each story. The Clown, Angel, Once Upon a time in Cannes, Billy has a party, The Black Dog, Zoes' curse. Kata Kiss has a wonderful writing style that puts you right there and draws from an interesting life. These stories would make a wonderful adaptation to the screen. I highly recommend Fingerprints - Tales from somewhere and look forward to more from Kata Kiss.




”This slim book starts with an interesting cover designed by its author. Fingerprints is a clever and perceptive collection of short stories as varied as our fingerprints, written by an author whose life as been anything but normal. Born in Budapest, Hungary she now lives in Australia. She has worked as a teacher, singer, copywriter and journalist/broadcaster for radio and television and her stories reflect the many faces of the people she has come in contact with - their heartbreak, love, passion, hatred, dreams and fears. Some of her stories are just a few pages which stop so quickly I found myself gazing into space to give my thoughts time to cope with the shock ending. Others run a bit longer giving the book an enjoyable variety of reading experiences. This is a delightful book that you can pick up for a quick read while the kettle boils, or a longer read when you have a bit more time.”



”I read your book last night cover to cover. You have so many amazing stories! I was blown away. I love your creativity. Please keep writing, you have such a talent!

I don’t know where to start and which story I liked the best!

But I have been thinking of them all day. I loved the imagery of the clown and how that imagery permeated into other stories.

I don’t think I can pick a favourite, it was the whole experience of reading the book at once. So powerful.

Did you love me? Was so intense. So powerful.

It raised really excellent questions about how different people see relationships. And how the truth as we remember it may be very one sided.”



I finished your book and in a strange way I enjoyed reading it. I say strange because it really made little or no sense to me. At first I thought it was an autobiography. I soon realised that I wasn’t sure what it was: Poetry, Prose, Non-Fiction, Fact or directionless ramblings. Some of the stories seemed to end without really having an ending, some didn’t even seem to have a beginning either.

Maybe it is a book influenced by psychedelic drugs or traumatic events.

Anyway it left me thinking and I guess that it what a good book should do. So instead of being easily put down and forgotten, your book leaves questions that stay in the mind.

Finally I can see that your fingerprints are on it.

I wish you all the best with it and I look forward to the next book that I understand you are writing.

Steve Harris


”I was actually quite blown away by your writing. Even though you’ve been living here for so long your style is very European. Maybe it’s your processing of one language into another that gives your stories a kind of stillness, but it’s the melancholy that seems to come from a European heart that reminds me of a Bernhard Schlink..but it’s a lot of things. It’s you and I can see the life you‘ve  lived through the stories. I love it. ”


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