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I am the clown.

I am the clown. By the time I was 10 years old I was a sort of ‘face of the young communists’ because I had been a radio and TV presenter from a very early age. I was hiding behind a mask.

I am the tourist in Italy, who saw Angel and felt frustrated because I couldn’t do anything. And so I gave food to a white cat instead.

I am the mother who loves her son so much that, even though he is an adult, I still see him as a sensitive little boy who needs to be nurtured.

I am also the mother who is loved by her daughters, so I don’t need to fear getting old and fragile because I know they will be there to ease the passage of my life.

I am also a little girl, a young woman, a lover and an ex-wife who was confused with her sexuality and struggled with abuse, addiction and depression.

I am a wife in a loving marriage who fears being alone and being lonely.

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