Kata Kiss is originally from Budapest, but she has been enjoying her life in beautiful Sydney for more than two decades. Living at the beach was her dream – always. After retiring from SBS Radio in 2017, her other childhood dream came true when she published her first book in English.


‘As a journalist/broadcaster for 18 years, I told many stories about real people, real lives. Now I have the pleasure of creating characters and set them free in a fantasy world.’


Kata worked as a radio and television presenter from her early childhood but chose to be a teacher. She later worked as a marketing manager, copywriter and as a producer in her old country. She even sang in a band for a couple of years. English is Kata’s second language, and as such it was a great challenge to express herself and move into the world of freelance writing.


The readers can decide if she did well, but take note, she is writing her next book.








These stories are about mothers and fathers, lovers and goblins, sons and daughters. Meet Angel, Mary, Billy, Martha and George. These characters are set free in a fantasy world. You have to break up with Jay, leave Annabel, bring home Daniel and love Evie. On the train or a plane, in a laundromat or in a courthouse, there are magic potions, a statue, a missing gun, the dodo and the grumpy goblin. Have conversations with strange working girls, with drunk film makers, or even with your consciousness. These stories from somewhere, these fingerprints of the author, will leave you with compassion, love and laughter.

Available in both soft cover and digital.

Also a story in this Anthology...


Over the last 10 years, Kata has established her foundation within the entertainment industry, as a producer for two films as well as a variety of television appearances.

Kata has appeared in several advertisements and programmes, including the long-running Australian drama, Home & Away.

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”I found myself gazing into space to give my thoughts time to cope with the shock ending.”


”It raised really excellent questions about how different people see relationships. And how the truth as we remember it may be very one sided.”


”Maybe it’s your processing of one language into another that gives your stories a kind of stillness, but it’s the melancholy that seems to come from a European heart that reminds me of a Bernhard Schlink..but it’s a lot of things.”